REturn to worship

Church, we are looking forward to worshiping with you on February 28. As we return, we want to keep the safety and welfare of all our brothers and sisters as our top priority. For now, here are our guidelines for a safe gathering. God Bless us all.
Guidelines for a SAFE Return on February 28.

•    Please stay at home if you are sick or have a fever. We may check temperatures as you enter the building.
•    Face Masks will be REQUIRED - If your health is compromised to the point that wearing a face mask is detrimental. Please remain home for now. 

-   Healthcare professionals do not recommend face masks for children two years old and younger

•    All will observe safe social distancing - 6 feet of separation for those not living in the same home.
•    We will have two services (9:00 AM and 11:00 AM). We highly recommend that your family attend one service or the other.
We would like to limit cross exposure. We will track attendance at each service. Please check-in or provide your name at the Welcome Station

.•    The 9:00 AM service will use the right side of Carport 1 as their entrance, the left side for an exit, and the Auditorium for services. Carport 1 (First Service) will be locked for the Second Service. The hallway between the front and back will be closed and no one should use the hall to go back and forth.
•    The 11:00 AM service will use the South Gym Doors (opening at 10:40) as their entrance, the Gym for services, and the North Gym doors as their exit. Carport 2 will be locked to limit hallway traffic.
•    Please arrive 20 minutes early. Announcements and the Bulletin information will be projected for your reading pleasure.
•    Instructions concerning our singing will be provided at each service. Distancing and masks limit the potential spread of the virus.
•    Please follow directional signs and arrows to enter the seating areas. Spaced Seating –

     Please use open rows only and maintain 6 feet of social distancing standards while taking your seats.
•    Wait to be dismissed after services
•    Sanitizer Stations will be available
•    High Touchpoint Areas will be sanitized before and after services
•    Communion will not be passed in our traditional manner.
•    No Nursery or Children’s Church – Changing Stations will be in the restrooms
•    No Coffee or Cookies