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This is my favorite time of the year. Warm days, cool nights and pops of color from the changes happening in the foliage around us. Pam put a framed picture above our fireplace of such a scene and it’s one of my favorites.

While walking the other day, I stepped on hundreds of acorns under several oak trees. It reminded me of the illustration Jesus gave when He said “unless a grain of wheat falls unto the ground and dies it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” And again “take up your cross daily”. So the command is that when I rise from my bed each morning, I need to look for the opportunity to fall to the ground, as it were, and die in obedience to the words of Jesus. To take my cross and look for ways to carry it.

We watch a series called “The Chosen” about Jesus and His ministry. During one scene, Nicodemus and Jesus talk in secret and he tells Jesus that His words are hard to accept. Partly because of the trouble they would stir up among religious leaders, but mostly because Nicodemus would have to give up his position and place in the Jewish religion. His comment is “you mean for me to give up my life as I know it to follow you?” Jesus replied “yes, but you would gain so much more, in this life and in eternity. Think about it.” So that is what we are called to do. To think about it and focus on it, each and every morning when we rise and then act on it through the day like Thomas said “let’s go with
Him so that we may die also.”
~ Steve Oberlin


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